February 26, 2012

Too Legit to Quit

Eep! Did you notice anything different about my blog? I'm super excited to unveil my new logo/banner designed by the talented Miss Meghan Thome. Or, as I like to call her, Meghan Thomey Homey.

Motivated by many of the blogs I follow (you can check out which sites I stalk on the right side of my page), I've long thought that having my own design would help me to establish myself in the blogging community. Meghan helped me find a creative way to showcase the the various (sometimes schizophrenic) topics I cover in my posts with a creative and unique look and feel. I love the final result!

Meghan has recently made the leap from elementary school teacher to graphic designer extraordinaire, and I'm so pleased she agreed to help me with my little blog. She's creative and professional, and I highly recommend you check out her site for more sample work (seriously... there's some amazing stuff on there). And you should totally hire her for all of your designing needs!

I feel like a legit blogger now that I have my very own graphic. Woot, woot!

Thanks again, Meghan!!