February 14, 2012

What Teachers Do

I honestly feel like there are fewer jobs that are as misunderstood as teaching. I guess because everyone was once a student, everyone assumes they know what teachers do.


Most of what entails a teaching career happens behind the scenes, meaning that students don't see it. The 40-some minutes I spend with each class does not even begin to describe my day-to-day responsibilities. That's why I'm at school 1-2 hours early and stay after school that same amount. There simply aren't enough hours in the day to do this job because the reality is that the work NEVER ends. There's always more to be done. But since we're human, we have to set limits!

Someone posted this on Facebook tonight, and it made me laugh. It's so true, except for the part about what my friends think I do... since many of my friends are also teachers and know better! :)

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