March 9, 2012

My Body, My Choice

I read this article yesterday about the "Wrongful Birth" bill that passed in Arizona yesterday. The bill gives doctors the option to not tell a pregnant woman about prenatal issues in order to prevent abortions.

Now, to be fair, the bill doesn't prevent doctors from telling women about these things, it just gives them a free pass should they choose not to.

I understand, also, that it's meant to protect doctors from being sued when babies are born with birth defects or disabilities. But we're not just talking about birth defects and disabilities here. The state of Arizona just said that their doctors are no longer legally obliged to inform women about any prenatal issues, including those that are life-threatening for the mother or fetus.

Know anyone who's had an ectopic pregnancy? Those often result in termination for the safety of the mother. According to this law, though, a doctor would have the option to not tell his patient about this issue and let nature take its course.

How is this even an option?

When did the life of the fetus become more important than the life of the mother? And how is any doctor's right to decide for a woman what's best for her body? If I get cancer, I get to hear my options and decide how to proceed. If I have prenatal issues, I should have that same choice!

I'm worried for pregnant women, present and future, in the state of Arizona. And I really hope this bill doesn't gain momentum in other states.


  1. This sort of stuff makes me so angry. When did all of these decisions/issues become lawmaker issues instead of medical and parental issues???

  2. I can't imagine why a doctor would want to withhold that kind of information from his patient. How can there not be a liability if the doctor knowingly lets something harmful or risky happen to his patient? So this doesn't make sense. Or is this just about abnormalities in the fetus that could lead to abortion? I agree that this becomes a moral issue for the parent, not for the doctor to decide. If this is so, then pregnant parents need to be diligent about interviewing their OB's to find out where he/she stands with this issue before they hire them. mama

  3. Seriously, this would be reason enough for me to move from Arizona.