April 14, 2012


Back in January, my neighbor, Valerie, decided to throw together a meet and greet for all the ladies in our subdivision. She started our community Facebook page, which has been instrumental in connecting neighbors, but it wasn't until this event that most of us got to know each other. It's amazing what the persuasion of a little wine can do!

To be honest, I had seen the invite but had no intention of going. I had only ever talked to two neighbors since moving in, and I was okay with that. I guess the last year's events (remember when the neighbors called the cops on us and the game night gone wrong?) left me a little less than enthusiastic about reaching out to anyone.

On the night of the event, my only neighbor friend, Kristin, basically dragged me along for what turned out to be an awesome night. I think there were 15 women and 18 bottles of wine... how can that go wrong?!

Since that night, I've been hanging out with my neighbors constantly. Pretty much all the girls are my exact age, so we have a lot in common, despite the fact that I'm definitely one of the only single, childless ladies. But... that's okay. It's nice to have so many girls right here in my community. I love that we have impromptu wine nights, hang out at the park together while the kids play, and turn to each other when we're in need (whether it be for a cup of sugar or emotional support and laughter).

It's not that I don't have other friends... I do. But many of them are far away or super busy with their own lives, making it hard to get together on a regular basis. It's a lot more convenient for everyone when we just have to walk across the street (literally). I happen to live right in the middle of several of my closest neighbor friends, and I LOVE it!

I haven't experienced a sense of community like this since college, and I think it's pretty awesome. I feel very fortunate to have clicked with these girls and to become fast friends with so many of them. They have been instrumental in my decision to stay in my current home rather than looking for a new place to live.

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