May 14, 2012

Change Is Good... Right?!

I've taken a bit of a blogging hiatus recently. It wasn't intentional. I've just been busy living my life. And trying to figure out my future.

The job market is still pretty bleak for teachers, so I'm not holding my breath for anything this year. Instead, I think I'm going to work on getting more endorsements... something I never wanted to do. You see, as a middle school teacher, I have to be endorsed in every subject I teach, and my current endorsements of speech, language arts, and social studies are not really in demand right now. It's a shame because I LOVE teaching reading and writing. Well, mostly reading. But I really think I was born to be a language arts teacher.

Recently, though, I've been doing a lot of subbing for math teachers in my buildings, and I've actually found that I enjoy teaching math. It's black and white. You apply a formula and solve the problem. It's kinda nice that way. There's no room for subjectivity, but there's still plenty of room for creativity. And that's the part I enjoy about lesson planning. My dear friend, Elaine, is a fabulous role model for teaching students (and me) that math CAN be fun. It's a challenge, for sure, but I like a good challenge.

All this to say, I think I'm going to start taking some classes toward a math endorsement. It's not going to happen quickly because I have a LOT of classes to take and very limited income these days. And since I'm already so close, I figured I should finish up my science endorsement too. Whatever makes me more marketable, right?

So... back to school I go... again!

As for my immediate future (summer), I ended up not taking a summer job at the YMCA that paid far too little for too much of a time commitment. Instead, I plan to take some online classes and go on my first real vacation since 2007 (long overdue) to Baton Rouge. Yes, a nice, long trip to the deep south is just what the doctor ordered! It's not going to help me earn any money, but I think it's just what I need.

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