May 14, 2012

For My Mama

Yesterday was the perfect day to celebrate my mom. The weather was beautiful, and we were able to spend a good portion of the day together as a family (except for my brother who was busy working on his pilot's license). 

My parents are less than one week away from moving out of the home we built when I was in junior high. Their house is currently in boxes, so we decided to keep Mother's Day simple. Pizza, beer, and bags... it kinda reminds me of my summers in college! haha

I love that we're all at an age now where we can just hang out like that. We laughed a lot and spent time reminiscing about our childhoods. I'm truly blessed to have such an awesome family. 

Anyway, here's to an amazing woman who was a fabulous example of the kind of wife and mother I hope to be. I love you, lady!

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  1. Oh my - that means they are headed out of West Chicago. =( Hope the move went smooth for them.