June 30, 2012

What Obamacare Really Means

DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT A POLITICAL POST! (Well... it is. But not one of my opinions... just facts.)

As a reading teacher, it is my job to help my students comprehend difficult texts. I know all the reading strategies and how to apply them, but there are still some instances where I'd rather not have to do all that work. (Perhaps this explains my love of Cliffs Notes in my college days.)

I don't know about you, but when it comes to any kind of official documents, I often become overwhelmed by the jargon and want someone (with knowledge) to "break it down for me like I'm in kindergarten" (a phrase I use with my students when we summarize any text). With all the hype surrounding Obamacare in the media this week, I've been doing quite a bit of my own research with the goal of understand what, exactly, the bill says, without all of the political propaganda attached to it.

To my delight, a coworker posted this link today, which explains the bill and how it changes things... in plain English! And like any good presentation, it comes with citations so you can read the exact parts of the bill the author is deciphering for us. And I think he really tried to not sound too biased in his explanations.

Thank God for the Internet!

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