July 1, 2012

Another Announcement (No, I'm Not Pregnant)

Now that you're all up to date on my love life, I have a second announcement I'd like to make...

I'm currently in the process of moving to Louisiana to be with Babe. It's been extremely difficult for him to find any contract work in the Chicago area, so he had no choice but to look elsewhere. When the opportunity came for him to have consistent work down here, he had no choice but to take it. 

Up until that point, we were together every single day from the time I got home from work until far too late into the night (for me, anyway, since I was still working at the time). We had fallen into a nice routine together, and anyone who knows me knows how much I like routine in my life.

It was a Saturday morning that he came over with an address on a piece of paper.

"Where are you going?" I asked him.

"New Orleans," he responded with a sigh.

"When?" my voice squeaked as panic began to set in.

"Today. As soon as I can pack up my truck and get on the road," he informed me.

It wasn't long until the tears started flowing down my face. He was super sweet the way he held me tightly and just let me cry for as long as I needed. But no amount of crying was going to change the fact that he was leaving me. For an undetermined amount of time.

I've done the long-distance thing in the past, and let me just say... I loathe it! I had every expectation that the distance would be too much for us. Our relationship was too new. We were still in the honeymoon stage. We didn't possibly have enough of a connection to sustain that distance. Certainly, I was convinced, he would forget about me as soon as he got busy with his new life in Louisiana. 

I was devastated.

He left, of course, with all the promises any girl would want to hear, but in the back of my mind, I didn't think any of it would be real. But the thing is... it was. I was still just as much of a priority to him from all those hundreds of miles away as when he was sitting by my side. We talked for hours every day (and racked up a hefty phone bill too... oops!) and had many conversations about me coming down to be with him.

When I came down to visit about a month ago, though, we realized quickly that it was time for me to move here with him. It was hard for both of us to be apart, and neither of us could fathom another separation. We wanted to be together. It was that simple. And with the education job market being as bleak as it is and my lease coming to an end, I figured it was the perfect time to do it. If I'm going to be stuck subbing anyway, why not take the chance of finding work down here? At the very least, I know I can be a substitute. And if I sub down here, at least I can be with Babe!

So, here I am, in the great state of Louisiana, trying to figure out how to build a new life in the south. (Step One: New Housing... more on that to come.)  It's scary and exciting all at the same time. I've never lived anywhere but Chicagoland in my entire life. This is definitely a new experience- a new adventure-  and I'm anxious to see what our future holds. 


  1. OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! This is exciting!!!! I just love LOVE! Where are you in Louisiana? I will be in New Orleans in a few weeks...

    1. We're signing a lease on a house in Baton Rouge today. Let's get together while you're down here! It will be awesome to See a familiar face!!!

  2. Do you have to get licensed to teach in Louisiana? How does that work vs. here in Illinois?

    1. Based on what I've read on the Department of Education website, it looks like I can teach on an out-of-state license for three years as I make progress toward meeting their requirements (tests). I don't plan to live here that long, so I should be okay. Of course, if I actually find a job, the school board will tell me exactly what I need.