July 23, 2012

Unpacking Fun

Everyone keeps asking to see pictures of our new house. Things are still coming together around these parts (I feel like I should work for a maid service with the amount of cleaning that's being done), but I promise to post pictures just as soon as it's not embarrassing me to do so!

Today was garbage day, and the guys promised me they'd have all the empty boxes (woohoo... finally unpacked the last two yesterday) in our storage area (for our next move) or recycling last night... but that didn't happen. And I'm still waiting for them to move some boxes and plastic totes full of my teaching things into storage as well... some of which have been sitting outside in our carport for a week now! I feel bad nagging them about it because I know how exhausted I would be with their work schedules, so I let it go... even though it's driving me crazy!

If you know me in real life or have followed my blog for a while, you know how much I love to organize. The best thing about moving, I think, is the organizing that follows the unpacking. I find it to be very cathartic to have a place for everything and everything in its place. Babe has pretty much given me free reign of our domain, so I've busied myself each day by finding spaces to put our (okay... mostly my) stuff.

Babe also gave me the closet in the master bedroom for all my clothes (this was completely his idea, I swear). To be honest, it was kinda necessary because I have a lot of clothes (and am realizing that I may need to do some serious donations soon to simplify - okay, let's be really honest here- to make space for the new wardrobe that's necessary for this climate). Luckily, his wardrobe is much simpler than mine and fits easily (with plenty of room to spare) in the closet in his man-cave.

Since his brother moved in with us, I lost the use of our guest room closet, which I planned to use as storage for my non-clothing things (photo albums, art supplies, etc.). This has left me with no choice but to take over some of the space in the man-cave closet. I've been careful to not take it over and done a good job, I think, of purging and/or storing items that were really not necessary... but there's some stuff that I just need/want to access (and there's no space left in my closet... I promise).

Upon coming home one day last week, Babe went to change our of his work clothes, and this is the conversation ensued:

Babe: Baby, what's this?

Me: What's what?

Babe: This! What's this girly crap in my closet?

Me: Oh.. ha... ha.. that? That's just my scrapbooking stuff.

Babe (in utter disbelief): Your what?

Me: My scrapbooking stuff. 

Babe: Your scrapbooking stuff?

Me: I didn't have anywhere else to put it!

Babe's Brother (yelled defensively from the other room): You can't scrapbook in a man-cave!!!

At this point, the three of us erupted in laughter, and I promptly handed Babe a beer and reminded him of the delicious, hot meal that was waiting for him in the dining room. Thankfully, as a teacher, I'm a bit of an expert at redirection... a skill that has proven to be most valuable in the home as well!


  1. Hahaha that is funny and true - no scrap booking in the man cave! Of course I am totally kidding. Babe should be happy he even gets part of a man cafe. E gets practically nothing haha.

    1. Ha! I love this! I'll have to share your comment with him! ;)