August 31, 2012

Back to Life

After two miserable nights without electricty, I nearly cried tears of joy and relief when the power came back on at 10:00 this morning. I've never been so grateful to have air conditioning in my life. Ever.

We checked on the price of generators at The Home Depot yesterday: $600. Originally, we scoffed at the price, but after last night, I'm thinking that it may be a worthwhile investment. Especially if we have to deal with these hurricanes for another 3 months.

It's incredible how much happier I am with cool air, ice, the Internet, and Bravo. I know... I know: first world problems. Whatever.

This experience has confirmed what I've always said: I prefer to be cold over hot any day. You can always add layers, but you can't always take them off. Trust me on this one.

As we tossed and turned in bed all night, I was brought back to my days at Silver Birch Ranch, a Christian camp in Wisconsin I visited in my childhood summers. The cabins weren't air conditioned, and usually only our counselors had fans, since the rest of us rode up on a school bus. Sleeping while hot is nearly impossible for me, and I remember many nights, lying frustrated in my bunk, unable to catch any Z's.

Last night was definitely like that... only way more sauna like as the humidity was definitly higher. I finally gave up trying to sleep around 6:30 when the guys got up to go to work. Poor guys! I know they're dragging today with no sleep, no coffee, and no food.

Now that we can all say we're hurricane survivors, I need to figure out something nice to for the guys tonight since they had to deal with my general crabbiness for the past two days. Good thing I apologized in advance. :-/


  1. I can't sleep when it is hot either. As a child, I would sneak out of bed and put my head in the freezer!!

    PS: I went to Timberlee Camp in WI, also a Christian camp.

  2. I've been to Timber-lee too! Aww! Good memories!