August 28, 2012

How Preparing for a Hurricane is Like Preparing for Labor

Isaac is coming! Isaac is coming!

My friend Elaine has a son named Isaac. If he were the Isaac in reference here, I would certainly be celebrating. Unfortunately, though, I'm talking about the anxiety-provoking hurricane that is currently heading straight for us.

Preparing for your first hurricane is a lot like preparing for the labor and delivery of your first child. At least, what I imagine it will be like to prepare for the birth of my first child because, as you know, I have no experience yet in that arena either.

What I do know, though, is that both experiences will be somewhat unpredictable (even given advance warning of the impending doom), messy, a little scary, and definitely uncomfortable. In either instance, I have the ability to turn to my significant other and ask, "How the hell did I let you get me into this mess? This is all your fault!"

See? They're pretty much identical.

School closed early yesterday and is set, at this point, to resume Thursday. We have parent conferences on Friday, so really, in my opinion, it would be stupid to bring the kids back for only one more day. Also, the weather centers are predicting that we'll still be experiencing some pretty strong storms at that time, and with the inevitable power outages, I predict school will not be in session again until next week. I plan to use my hurricane days (as opposed to snow days, since I won't have those anymore) to catch up on all the things my administration wants me to do but I never have time to complete because I'm... you know... teaching and things.

Although, as soon as our power goes out, I probably won't get much done.

In preparation for Hurricane Isaac, Babe and his brother are at work today. Because it's obviously a wise choice to have your cable/Internet/phone installed the day a hurricane is set to destruct your entire neighborhood, right? I can't believe they're expected to work today when we should be fleeing the state!

I get crabby when the electricity goes out, y'all. I need air conditioning. I loathe being hot!

Yeah, I'm sure I'm gonna be a big, ball of fun for the next few days.

I should probably apologize in advance... I'm sorry for being a crabby bitch.

There. That should make everything better.

Anyway, while the two of them are busy installing cable and Internet that will no longer work by the end of the day, I'm at home doing all of our laundry and cooking everything in our kitchen (including the $200 in frozen fish, chicken, and ground turkey I bought at Sam's Club last week) so it doesn't all spoil... and so we have things to eat as we stare at each other over candle light... except that it won't be nearly as romantic as that sounds.

So far, I've made the following:
  • crock pot dump (kinda like a Mexican, chicken chili)
  • a double batch of two timin' pasta with ground turkey
  • an entire Sam's Club bag of frozen tilapia with parmesan and lemon
  • two bags of chicken nuggets
  • a party pack of mozzarella sticks (I think Babe snuck those into our cart)
  • 2 loaves of banana bread (I needed to use the Greek yogurt)
  • chocolate chip cheesecake dip (I needed to use the cream cheese)
  • three tubes of cinnamon rolls (requested by the guys)
At least if we're crabby, we know it won't be because we're hungry!

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  1. I have been watching this storm on and am keeping my fingers crossed that everything will turn out ok down there. Keep us updated!