August 29, 2012

Isaac Update

The fact that I'm able to both write and publish this post is reason enough to celebrate because it means that we still have power in the midst of this storm. Hundreds of thousands of people have not been so fortunate.

We were prepared to lose power yesterday, but Isaac is so terribly slow that the rain didn't even reach us until this morning. It started with a slow, constant drizzle (comparatively) and has since morphed into a steady stream of water from the Heavens. It's probably about as consistent as a shower, if my shower head were as wide as the sky and constantly hanging over my house.

The winds have been up and down all day. There's a huge tree in our front yard that's lost some branches, but we haven't seen any real damage yet (nor will we, hopefully). The storm doesn't really seem to be intensifying at all, so it looks like we're just going to have several days of wet and rain. At least, we hope this is the case.

Our greatest fear in all of this (besides being uncomfortable without electricity) has been tornadoes. Yes, I grew up in the Midwest, but I'm deathly afraid of those giant spirals of death. When we were kids, my sister and I would scare ourselves by watching nothing but the weather channel as soon as we were alerted of a tornado watch in our area. Then, we'd stare out the window, convinced that everything was a funnel cloud heading straight for us. On many occasions, we'd run next door to "grandma's house" (really, just the nice lady next door) to wait out the storms in her basement until our mom got home from work.

I know why no one in Louisiana has a basement, but my Midwestern state of mind is convinced that it's impossible to survive a tornado without one.

Needless to say, I had to take a Benadryl last night before going to bed so I could knock myself out rather than lying in bed all night having an anxiety attack over our impending doom. It's probably safe to say that I'll need another one tonight (which will be awesome for Babe beacuse I always have the weirdest dreams when I take that stuff for multiple nights in a row).

No... I'm not a drama queen at all. ;)

I'll be back tomorrow with more updates (as long as the giant river in our backyard doesn't swallow us whole first).

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