August 22, 2012

People Here Can't Drive

So, I know I'm a little biased, but I think Chicagoans are probably some of the best drivers in the world. There are some things to be said about those that have learned to drive in such a driving in such a densely populated city:
  • We're good at navigating both expressways and sidestreets.
  • We've all learned how to be agressive yet defensive.
  • We undertand that you cannot, under any circumstance, come to a complete stop while trying to merge onto said expressways.
  • We know that the left lane is for speeding and the right is for slow drivers.
  • Slow drivers in Chicago = those doing the speed limit on the expressway.
  • We know that the real speed limit is 5-10 over on the side streets and 10-15 over on the expressway.
  • We know how to make a right-hand turn without feeling the need to come to a near stop.
  • The ever-present road contruction has taught us about the wonders of the zipper merge.  
  • We know that it's okay, when making a left-hand turn, to inch your way into the intersection so you can proceed when the light turns yellow/red.
I could keep going... but these are some of the things I miss about driving in Chcago. People in Baton Rouge drive like idiots. There's just no nice way to say it. The three of us agree that people down here just haven't learned these rules of the road. Every day here feels like an accident waiting to happen. Maybe that explains why this is the most expensive state in the country for car insurance.

It's been about a month already, but I was rear-ended by a guy on my way to the bank. He was pulling out of a car wash and decided not to look to his right as he pulled out into traffic to see that I had slowed down to make a turn at the bank next door.

Luckily, he hadn't accelerated enough to do much damage. I was completely fine. my bumper needs to be replaced (again... this makes three times on this one car). And the next day, Babe saw a crack in my winshield. Our only explanation is that it was cracked when the frame of the car shook on impact.

Oh, joy!

So, as if I needed yet another thing on my To Do List, I have to go get a copy of the police report and an estimate on the damage to submit to his insurance.

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