September 12, 2012

Roses and Thorns

Once upon a time, I heard about a family (I think it was the Kardashians, but don't let that turn you off) who once sat around the dinner table and shared the "roses" and "thorns" of their day. With so much stress in my life right now, I think I need this reminder that there are roses at the end of those thorny stems.

Here are my big ones right now...

1. My magnet class is loving their novel, A Child Called It. They can't wait until it's time to read the story each day and complain when I scold them for reading ahead or trying to sneak the book home. Today, the class was misbehaving, so I told them they had to read on their own and fill out a comprehension packet. This was supposed to be their punishment. Not one student complained. In fact, I've never seem them so engaged in a lesson. They happily read along for 25 minutes, and even when I announced the possibility of a "pop quiz" tomorrow on the reading, the students never even flinched. Success!!

2. My department head used my lesson plans (the ones I complain about making every single week) as an exemplar during our meeting. Staff were re-taught parts of the lesson plan template that are commonly incorrect, and then they were to work in small groups to create sample plans. I was asked to lead a group because apparently, I know what I'm doing. Holla!

3. A certain someone who loves me a whole heck of a lot has taken to making me peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every night so I have something to eat in my crazy, busy days. I am reminded of how much I love that man every day when I take my first bite.

1. Babe (who has insisted that I stop referring to him as such on this blog and will henceforth referred to by his name, Joel. So much for privacy! haha!) was in a car accident on Monday afternoon. Remember when I said people down here can't drive? I wasn't kidding! He called me at school to let me know, and I immediately went into panic mode when I heard the ambulance sirens and his confirmation that they were there for him. I left school right away (thankfully, I was done teaching for the day) and spent the rest of the afternoon/evening in the ER. The good news is that he'll be fine. The doctor prescribed some strong pain medications and a muscle relaxer, and he needs to do some follow up for his back/neck/shoulder pain.

2. Our hot water heater is out... again. This makes four times, people. The handyman who comes to fix things (per our property managers) said he had to order a special part or something and will notify me when it arrives. In the meantime, cold showers suck, I can't do laundry, and dishes are piling up fast.

3. I'm still dealing with some severe behavior issues that I can't seem to control. In one of my classes, there are so many students with Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs) that even our dean (whom I love, BTW) struggled to help me with the seating chart. There are just too many of them to separate. And each of them has the ability to set the whole class off with just one outburst. They exhaust me.

I hope the rest of you have more roses than thorns lately!!

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