September 30, 2012

Yummy Eats

I feel like I'm always looking for new recipes to add to my repertoire. Pinterest has been a huge help in this area because I have some friends that provide great feedback about dishes they've tried.

Since he's been off of work, Joel has been a huge help in the kitchen. We've always planned our weekly menus and done the grocery shopping together, but now he's taken the lead when it comes to cooking, at least on weeknights when I'm too tired or lazy to cook.

One of our recent successes has been the white chicken enchiladas with Spanish rice. It had a great flavor, though, we all agreed that we liked the top parts best, which had been cooked by the broiler, so we're gonna change it up a bit for the next round by cooking it first without the sauce. We also decided we'll use only half the sour cream sauce because it was just too much.

This weekend, we bought a bag of Parmesan crusted tilapia from Sam's Club and threw it together with some rice (topped with garlic sauteed mushrooms) and green beans. It was probably one of my favorite meals yet.
And the best part of our meals is that Michael is officially in charge of dishes, so I don't even have to do the cleanup. Yay!

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