October 2, 2012

My Handyman

My friend, Carolyn, gave me this console table when I moved into my last house. She was trying to make room for all the baby stuff in her home and didn't need a table full of plants and picture frames with a toddler on the way.

Since the day I got it, I've had big plans to refinish it. There were water stains from her potted plants, and the light color didn't really fit with my other furniture. I ended up finding a perfect home for it behind a couch in my living room, and being that it was mostly out if sight, the refinishing project was on the back burner.

When we moved into this house, we ended up using the table as a TV stand in the living room. While I appreciate the height of the table, I despised the unsightly cables and cords that were visible. (Anyone who knows me knows much much I can't stand clutter.) Joel agreed that it was time to buy a real entertainment center, and after a little comparison shopping, we found one we love!

Not only did Joel (and Michael) stay up until 1:00 AM assembling the new stand, but Joel immediately jumped into the next project of refinishing the console table for me. I'm a lucky girl to have my very own handyman to take care of these projects (he also fixed my broken closet door, repaired a drawer on my IKEA dresser I poorly put together last year, fixed our broken garbage disposal, and changed the oil in our cars.)

It felt great to come home and see my "new" table in its perfect home. And the view during said project wasn't bad either! :)

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