November 6, 2012

Election Day

The great thing about Election Day is that there wasn't school today. The buildings are used as polling places, so for safety and logistical reasons, it is not an attendance day. I have to say... I like this plan!

My students participated in a mock election last week during social studies, and not surprisingly, Obama was the winner by a landslide. This probably won't be the result of the state, but at least we know where the youth of Baton Rouge stands. 

This year is the first time I haven't participated in the election. Truth be told, I'm still registered in Illinois, and I was a little preoccupied with Joel's car accident (and ongoing recovery) and my own health issues (including my recent double ear infection) to think about trying to get an absentee ballot.   

To be honest, I'm only heartbroken about it for symbolic reasons, as I know my vote wouldn't make a difference in my state anyway. Illinois always votes Democratic; they don't need my vote to help. And since I'm not currently living in the state, I haven't followed much of the local politics to have an educated opinion on those issues. 

And while I have some very strong, personal beliefs about this election (and the politics that go along with it), I've tried really hard to stay away from the Facebook debates because they've gotten pretty ugly this year. Politics and religion are two areas, I've learned, that people are unapologetic about their beliefs and have very little (if any) room to consider alternatives. 

So rather than fight with my friends and family, I choose to focus on the fact that we live in a country where we have the right and privilege to cast our votes, even it is with limited choice.

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