November 24, 2012

Everything We've Missed

This past week has been perfect. So much so that neither of us is looking forward to the trek back to Louisiana today. As I write this, we're waiting for our last load of laundry to finish so we can pack up the car and head "home," even though we don't call it that.

This whole week has been filled with lamentations from our friends and family about how much they miss us and want us to move back here. As much as we want to be in Chicago, we need to find jobs before we can justify breaking our lease and walking away from my income. We're working on it.

Thanksgiving couldn't have been better. Joel's family joined mine for the holiday, and we had a great day together. It was just awesome to have everyone together for the whole day. I'm looking forward to a repeat at Christmas.

We had all the foods we've been missing: Chicago-style pizza from Giordano's, Italian beef from Portillo's, soup and fresh bread from Panera, and, of course, all the Thanksgiving staples. Our week of gluttony is officially over, and we're going to have to eat extra healthy for the next few weeks to make up for it! But let's be honest, it was worth every single bite!

I hope you all had a fantastic holiday with your loved ones!

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