November 4, 2012

Mama, I'm Coming Home!

There are 9 school days left before Thanksgiving break. Nine.

And I have a feeling these are going to be the longest 9 days of my life because as soon as I get home from school on that 9th day, Joel and I are hitting the road.

Since I get an entire week off of school and Joel is between jobs (and still recovering from his car accident), we decided to head back to Chicago for the holiday.

I'm seriously so excited I can't even stand it. My heart races every time I think about it. We will have a full week with friends and family... I can't tell you how badly I want this. How badly I need this. How much we need it.

So much has happened to the people I love since leaving Illinois. It's definitely time to play catch up!

My parents moved into a new home the week before I came down here. I saw the house before I left, but it was still unfinished. I'm looking forward to seeing their home with all the new furniture and boxes unpacked. I wish the weather was still nice so we could take advantage of their pool!

And my puppies! I get to see my puppies! This excites me more than you can know. Joel and I spent some time watching Animal Planet yesterday, and they were showing a marathon of Too Cute, which is a show about puppies and kitties... it's seriously adorable, but it's made me miss my dogs so much. I can't wait to cuddle up with Wrigley and Gizmo. I can already see their tails wagging with excitement when I walk in the door..... eek!  So happy!

I could shriek with excitement over my plans to see my BFF from high school, Ashley. Since I last saw her, she has announced that she's expecting twins, making me an auntie times two (she she's my sister from another mister), and she moved into a new (dream) home. We already have plans to see her and her house, and I'm so relieved to think I'll finally be caught up on the fun, new thins in her life.

My dear friend Carolyn has already declared that she's basically planning to camp out at my parents' house for the week that we're home so we can spend lots of time together. Since leaving home, her son, Ryan, has started walking and talking... I'm missing way too much. I also need to go see their new home, which they moved into a week after I left.

We're planning to spend Thanksgiving Day between Joel's family and mine. It will be the first time each of us will meet the extended families... yay!

Finally, we have plans for a night out to celebrate my sister's birthday with her before we leave. My brother will pretend he doesn't care I'm coming home, but I know deep inside, he's pretty excited too. He misses his favorite sister... who wouldn't?! ;)

It's going to be an action-packed week with lots of time visiting loved ones and eating foods we miss (Portillo's and Chicago-style pizza, we're looking at you!). Oh, November 16th, please come soon!

If any of my Chi-town peeps want to get together during the day Monday-Wednesday while the rest of the world is working, let me know! Our schedules are filling quickly!

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