January 18, 2013

Friday Favorites Linky Party

I was super excited to learn, yesterday, that I have inspired a fellow teacher blogger. Stephanie, over at Middle School Matters Blog, has created her very first linky party. The goal? To share your Friday Favorites!

I love that this topic is so inspiring, and I think it will be a great way to be exposed to new ideas and resources. That's the best part of this blogging world, right?!

My Friday Favorite for this week HAS to be my predictions lesson that I shared on Wednesday. I still can't get over how well that worked for my hard-to-reach crowd. I had them reflect on their rubrics about their success as predictors, and several students commented on how much they loved the short story we read because it kept them on their toes. They enjoyed having to be little detectives, looking for the sneaky context clues, and they accused me of "tricking" them when I revealed the end of the story.

So, you wanna join the linky party?

All you need to do is create a post about one of your "Favorites." Maybe it's a lesson you've found or created, a strategy that's worked for you, a new resource you're loving right now, or something that inspires you or your students. 

After you've created your post, make sure you copy the code below so you can link up! One of the things I love about her linky party is that you can submit your entry on any blog with this code, and you'll be able to watch the list grow on everyone's site. How cool is that for giving readers the ability to "HOP" from one blog to another. Just think of all the great ideas you'll find!


Don't forget to follow Stephanie's blog so you can keep participating!

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