January 11, 2013

I Love When They Entertain Me

Today, I was working with one of my ELA blocks in the computer lab with our school counselor to get them set up on a state website where they will make their five-year plans. It's a great tool they will use through high school to help them figure out their career goals and choose their colleges.

After getting them all registered, they were busy taking skill and interest inventories. Being the chatty (and this is an understatement) class they are, they, of course, couldn't help but talk as they worked. I didn't mind, though, because at least they were working.

Within a few minutes, though, I heard practically the whole class break out into a slew of 90's R&B songs. It was honestly hilarious to hear them mumble through some of the lyrics they don't know (kinda like I do with many of today's songs), but I was impressed at how many songs they were able to sing.

"How do you guys even know all these songs?" I asked them, "They were popular before you were even born!"

"Cuz there was some crackhead on YouTube singing them!" replied one of my students.

Ah... yes, because that's who we want to learn from! hahahaha

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