January 4, 2013

Kissing My Weekends Goodbye

After two days of "professional development" (I say this in quotes because what qualifies for P.D. at my school is a j.o.k.e.) and classroom work time, I'm still feeling pretty overwhelmed about starting school next week. I spent a good chunk of time collaborating with a coworker today on center procedures and planning, but we need to meet more tomorrow (yes, on a Saturday) before either of us will feel ready for school Monday.

Speaking of Saturdays, I somehow got roped into teaching 9 of the 12 upcoming Saturday school sessions. I am not pleased about this, especially because I technically never sent in my availability for this "voluntary" position. I said I would help, not that I would practically do it all. And I was also very clear that I didn't want to add any more lesson planning. After one administrator told me plans would be provided by the department heads (to get me on board), I learned today that department heads are doing nothing to help us prepare for these lessons.

Outright lies, I tell you!

And although he's extremely supportive, I don't think Joel is very excited about me being at school 6 days a week. He already complains that I do too much lesson planning on the weekends.

Luckily, though, the pay is fantastic! I can't wait to get those paychecks!


  1. Wait till you see the paycheck BEFORE you celebrate. I have done that and the check wasn't so great after all!