February 21, 2013

Earning Rewards

Remember when I explained about how we started all these behavior trackers with our most needy students? Well, my friend Amanda is the mentor teacher for one of my students, B. She's super encouraging, and our students respond really well to her, so I'm super glad she's working with him even though she doesn't teach him. 

As I told y'all before, I have several students on behavior trackers. They're pretty good at calling each other out and telling on each other to the mentor teachers, which I think is hilarious. Some of them are really invested in this process. In fact, A, one of my contact girls (I called her my "project" in my previous post), and B often talk about Amanda and me as their mamas as in, "I'm gonna tell your mama that you..." when they do something in class. they crack me up!

Actually, it's become quite normal for me to be called mama by several of my students. And now that I think about it, the handful that do are all severe behavior problems. I guess it says something about the need for stable parental figures in their lives, huh?

Anyway... back to the point of my post...

Immediately after beginning his tracker, B's behavior improved. He was very motivated to earn money toward a new school "jacket" (that's what they call sweatshirts down here... it drives me crazy! haha). He worked very hard to stay on track and earned his reward, which he proudly wears each day. Together, they then set a new goal, which was to work toward a special lunch brought to school for him.

Food, apparently, is not a huge motivator for this child. Slowly but surely, his behavior infractions have crept up. In fact, he's right on par with the behavior that earned him a mentor teacher. Sad face!

Amanda met with B after school today to discuss his recent behavior and take his suggestions for changes to his contract. He stated that he wanted some new goals on his daily tracker (and they were great suggestions... this child is well aware of his weaknesses!), and he has requested a new reward: a trip to LSU with Amanda and me! 

Awwww! I am so honored when the kids choose me as their reward! :)

I can't wait for him to earn this trip with his school mamas! 

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  1. Hi Erin,
    That was such a nice post! I am sure that he will be earning his trip in no time! They call us mamma, and we definitely feel like they are our children at times :) I was wondering if you could email me tschumacher19@gmail.com. I have an idea to do something through the Teaching Blog Circle and wanted to know if you would be interested....