February 21, 2013

Stuck In LA

The first day back from Mardi Gras break, I told my students about my grandma and prepared them, mentally, for the time when I would be gone for her funeral. They were super sweet and supportive, offering their condolences and extended their arms in hugs. Several students dropped by my room extra times that day just to check on me and ask me how I was doing (some even asked about my mom... so sweet!). 

On Monday, when I told them she passed, I explained that I would need to extend my weekend, leaving enough time to drive to Chicago and back for the service. 

Imagine my surprise, then, when I learned from our Finance Director that I only have ONE sick day left for the school year. Yep... ONE. (Remember earlier in the year when I got a double ear infection and lost my hearing? Yeah... there went my days!)

My school gives us 8 days. Sick, vacation, whatever. You get eight days. Anything beyond comes out of the your paycheck. And here's where teachers get really screwed (for understandable reason): when the figure the amount you get paid "per day" they use your yearly salary divided by the number of days worked (182). Those with mad math skills can deduce that this means that the amount that comes out of my paycheck is absurd!

Ultimately, after speaking to my mom, we agreed that it just didn't make sense to take the extra time off. Three days to drive to and from Chicago would be insane. And don't even ask about three day airline tickets.... yuck! So, I'll be missing my grandma's service.

When I had to tell my students that I was no longer leaving, they were very angry for me. They wanted me to throw myself on the floor of my principal's office and cry (does that show you their emotional maturity?)! Then they wanted me to be mad at my co-workers. I had to keep explaining that neither was a solution. haha Still, though, it was nice to hear them show sympathy for my situation. 

I even had a co-worker who tried, without my knowledge, to give me some of her days so I could have enough time off. I work with some great people! 

I know my grandma would understand... but I'm bummed that I'm missing out on all that family time. Anyone with family out of state can probably attest to the fact that we only get together for weddings and funerals. And darnit... I LIKE my family!

But... such is life!

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