March 7, 2013

Crunch Time

Everyone I know is preparing for spring break next week. I know Mardi Gras wasn't long ago, but I really could use another break right about now. I am exhausted!

Tomorrow marks the end of third quarter (yippee... we're in the home stretch!), which means grading is due by Sunday. But since my birthday is this weekend, I refuse to bring home any work, so I have to get everything done by 2:35 tomorrow. 

It's amazing how all the missing assignments start to appear out of the woodwork the week grades are due. Oh, sure, I'll take the reading response I've been harassing you about since the end of January. No problem! Oh, now you want a fourth copy of that worksheet that was due six weeks ago? Of course. Let me drop everything I'm doing to make you another copy. 

And then... silly me... I didn't realize how quickly the end of the term was approaching, and I had to set a due date for our 80 point poetry anthology. With 15 poems and 10 literary devices to assess for each student, this is no small feat. I set a deadline for this past Wednesday.

And then Wednesday came, and it became abundantly clear to me that my students needed more time. Obviously, they think I'm joking when I say I want their anthologies to reflect their best effort and pride. 

No, I will not accept that sloppy writing!

When have you ever seen a published book written in pencil?

Please stop pretending you've never been taught how to use spell check!

Stapling together notebook paper that has been hastily ripped from your spiral (fringe still attached) does not make a poetry book.


So, being the generous teacher I am, I extended the deadline and decided to give them one more day of workshop time. 

Except that even by the end of today, only about 25% of the anthologies were submitted. I even kept an entire class from PE today (with teacher permission, of course) to give them three full periods with me (since they missed my class 4 times in the past week for testing), and I still only ended up with two anthologies from that group by the end of the day.

Have I mentioned that this assignment is 80 points?

Even if they all walk in with beautiful anthologies tomorrow (I'm not holding my breath), I don't know where I'm going to find the time to get all this grading done. Especially because I have an IEP meeting during my planning period tomorrow. 

I may be bribing some of my best students to stay with me during their ancillary classes to help with some of the grading. It's amazing what kids will do for a jolly rancher! haha

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