March 13, 2013

Guest Post - My Perspective on Education

My friend, Samara, over at at Simplicity in the Suburbs asked me to write a guest post to kick off her new blog series: My Perspective on Education. I'm not going to lie; I'm pretty excited to be being featured on someone else's blog. It makes me feel like a legit blogger or something! haha

This will be a weekly series in which teachers from all over the world are invited to share their perspectives, the good, bad, and ugly. Whether you teach in a public or private setting, kindergarten or higher education, home school or Montessori, domestically or abroad... whatever your experience, you certainly have something to add to this conversation. What a great way to bring diverse experiences together so we can learn from each other!

Click on the button above for more details about how to enter your own post.

And don't forget to check back regularly (or subscribe to her blog, of course) to follow the series!!

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