March 24, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

So, technically, it's two weeks past my birthday, but it's still my birthday month, so it's not too late to blog about it, right?

In an effort to keep it real, I will say that my birthday was pretty blah this year. I wasn't really in a celebrating mood, being that I'm nearly 1,000 miles from friends and family. We tried to plan something with friends down here, but I decided against it when it just got to be too stressful.

I have this thing about belonging to a group, and one of the hardest things for me this year has been not belonging. Not that I don't have any friendships; I can get along with pretty much anyone. But I don't have that core group. I feel like all those groups were well established before I got here, and I just kinda tag along with whoever happens to invite me (if anyone does).

All of this is to say that my random friends weren't exactly coming together well for a birthday celebration, so I told Joel just to forget about it. Instead, we joined my coworker, Heidi, at her birthday party the same weekend, and then we celebrated mine with a nice dinner for two.

This weekend, though, my birthday came all over again when I finally received my two presents that I've been anxiously awaiting. My very loving parents gifted me with money toward a new laptop. I'm long overdue for an upgrade, but without their generous help, I don't know if I would have been able to bite the bullet and spring for a new one until the old one completely stopped working (I have a really hard time spending money on myself).

Anyway, after doing some research and asking a lot of questions, I sauntered out of the Apple Store with a brand new MacBook Air yesterday. I have to say, I'm loving it! Now, I just need to find a student to get me a free download of Microsoft Office so I can do my lesson plans.

When we arrived home, my birthday weekend continued with the arrival of a package. I knew instantly that it was the professional waxing kit Joel ordered for me. We literally spent the rest of the day and evening playing with my new toys. The waxing proved to be way more entertaining than I ever thought possible. While not nearly as hairy, Joel did a great Steve Carell impersonation that had me laughing through tears all night long.

Oh, how I love a gift that keeps on giving!

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