March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Dressed in green for the parade

After experiencing the fun of Baton Rouge parades during Mardi Gras, Joel and I made plans to partake in the St. Patrick's Day festivities yesterday.

 It was a beautiful day, and I'm pleased to report that my face is a bit sun-kissed from our hours outside. Not that I can complain about a little sunburn in March when I know my friends and family back home are still wearing their winter coats. Sorry, Chicago, but I'll take 80 degrees and sunny over snow fluries any day!

We stopped at a bathroom on the walk back to our car where I overheard two ladies, clearly not from the area, talking about how the parades down here aren't very aesthetically pleasing. In a way, I guess they're right. The goal of any parade here is to collect as many beads as possible. I'll be honest and say that I hardly notice the floats at all, except to say that there was a running theme of teasing Manti Teo ("Irish I had a girlfriend!" was one example).

My intended Mardi Gras wreath project
I had a goal for this parade to collect very specific beads. I want to create a Mardi Gras wreath from my parade loot, but since we attended the one Spanish Town, I walked away with far more pink strands than any other color. So, this time, I was on a mission to collect green, purple, and gold. And, of course, any of the beads with trinkets.

After the parade, Joel and I decided to stop by a local burger joint because we'd heard rave reviews from some of my coworkers. While the food was decent, we think it may have made us sick. Within a few hours, we were both complaining of headaches and stomach aches, and I even vomited a couple times. Obviously, it put a damper on our evening, and we ended up in bed before 9:00.

Thankfully, we're both feeling much better today. I have lesson plans to create, and then we're going shopping for some treats for my students. One of my classes won their 100 Chart reward on Friday, and I also want to stock up on some mints for my kiddos for Phase 1 of the LEAP test this Tuesday.

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  1. That is a beautiful wreath, and I hope you get to make it. Rotten luck about getting sick....but it sounds as though you've bounced right back!