March 20, 2013

Middle School College Visit

First of all, I want to send a shout out to all the visitors from Teaching Maddeness! Welcome to my little blog! I'm super excited to connect with you guys and hope you'll let me know you stopped by!

Today was the 8th grade college trip to Louisiana State University. This is our PBIS reward for students who maintained $80 paycheck averages for third quarter in Kickboard. Of the three schools we visited this year, LSU was definitely the most popular choice. Many of our students live right near the campus, and they follow the football and basketball teams pretty religiously around here.

I was a little bummed when we boarded the buses in the rain, and I realized it was cooler outside than I expected from the forecast. Luckily, my amazingly selfless boyfriend agreed to meet us at the campus with my hoodie, socks, and gym shoes so I could change.

The kids were very impressed with the fast food options in the student union, which made me laugh! I don't know about your students, but mine are always hungry! They never have money for school supplies, but if you pass a concession stand or vending machine, the cash magically appears! haha!

We were fortunate enough to be the very first tour group for our guide, Lauren, who showed us all the cool things on campus like Mike the Tiger and the new Shaq statue. We also learned about the tradition of couples kissing at Memorial Tower at midnight for Valentine's Day. You know... all the important college stuff! Haha! (Don't worry, we saw libraries and lecture halls too!)

The sun came out shortly after we started our tour, and it ended up being a beautiful day. It was a perfect excuse to get out of the classroom together before heading into our last round of review for Phase 2 of the LEAP test.

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