March 19, 2013

Phase One is Done

Today was Phase 1 of our state standardized test, which included the writing portion of the ELA test and constructed response for math. While we were not allowed to test our own students (new rule for this year), I did check in with several of my kiddos during lunch.

That test was WAY easier than the practice essays you made us write!

I use SO many text examples!

I took my time, did brainstorming, AND a rough draft!

I gave them specific examples from my own life, just like they asked!

I used the dictionary AND big words!

I checked the prompt and made sure I had one paragraph for each question they asked!

If the rest of the test is this easy, I KNOW I'll pass eighth grade!

What I heard was:

I tried really hard!

I felt really prepared!

I hope you're proud of me!

And I am proud of them. The other teachers reported that my students worked the entire time. It was apparent that they were putting a lot of thought into their writing, and I heard great reports about underlining important ideas and making notes in the margins.

It feels good to know that my kids can buckle down and take their tests seriously when it really matters. And they're obviously paying attention to my suggestions. I sure hope it pays off!

We have a few weeks left to prepare for Phase 2, which will include 4 more days of testing (including the reading portion of the ELA test).

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