April 27, 2013

Joel's Birthday Weekend

I hope you will forgive me for my lack of posting in the past week (thankfully, I had some Teacher Tip Tuesday posts scheduled ahead of time), but I've been super busy enjoying my spring break!

It started just in time for Joel's birthday, which we kept pretty low key. Here's a picture of the birthday boy about to dive into a delicious dessert. And don't worry... the beer went much better with his BBQ chicken than the brownie!

Brownies, Beer, and BBQ = a happy birthday man!
On Sunday, we had tickets to the rodeo. Not just any rodeo, mind you, but the Angola Prison Rodeo. When I first learned of the event from Garrett (our hair stylist) and Michelle (his wife), I knew we had  to get tickets. Neither of us have ever been to a rodeo before much less a prison rodeo.

We had a great time admiring the work of the inmates during the Arts & Crafts fair. If you're in the market for some solid wood seating (gliders, porch swings, rocking chairs, chests, crawfish tables, etc.), you can't beat this quality and pricing.

The rodeo itself was very entertaining. My favorite parts were when the inmates were competing and I was glad to not see anyone get seriously hurt. Also, we loved the monkeys riding the border collies. It might have been the cutest thing I've ever seen!

I would definitely visit the rodeo again. In fact if we're still here in October, I want to go back to buy a glider for our backyard.

After the rodeo, Garrett and Michelle took us to the Earth Day Festival here in Baton Rouge, where we ate some carnival food and listened to some music before heading back to their house to meet their chickens (yes, really) and play some lawn Jenga in their garage, my favorite party game. I told Joel he needs to make us a set immediately!

On Monday, Joel had plans to go fishing with Garrett, and I was going to hang out with Michelle. She ended up needing to run some errands for the salon (they own), so I went with the boys to the part to play some disc golf. If you know me, you know this would not be my first choice in activity, but it was a beautiful day (albeit hot), so I used it as an excuse to work on my spring break tan!

Not a bad start to spring break, huh??

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