April 30, 2013

Teacher Tip Tuesday - Who I Am Poem

It's Tuesday, which means I need to post a Teacher Tip, but I don't have one prepared because I was a little preoccupied with having fun on spring break! 

But... because I'm committed to sharing my tips, I thought I'd use this opportunity to re-post a lesson I've used for many years with great success. With April being National Poetry Month, I'm sharing this I Am Poem project just in time!

I've seen other teachers use this template but never with the same directions. I require my students to describe themselves in this poem through the use of metaphor. This is a great higher-order thinking lesson that can be easily differentiated to meet the multiple needs in your classrooms. 

In past years, I've always started this project by hanging up samples from previous students and by doing a museum walk. When we do the same on the day the projects are due, my kiddos are always obviously proud of their work.

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