May 12, 2013

Bullet is Healed

For those that have been complaining, "All you ever talk about is school," this is your non-school-related post. Get excited!

My car, named Bullet, is 10 years old this month. I was bored with him after I paid him off in year 3, but I'm far too money-conscious to allow myself to take on another car note when this one has worked perfectly well.

Except, that he hasn't been working all that well recently. About a month ago, just after we replaced the battery, we started noticing that the airbag light was randomly going on and off. And then the emergency break light would pop on unexpectedly. This progressed until the entire dashboard would go off while I was driving, making it impossible to know my speed until it decided to come back.

Joel assured me this was just an electrical issue, probably a fuse that needed to be replaced, and we continued to drive Bullet sans radio for a couple weeks. Until we drove to Florida and noticed a rotten egg smell (which, Joel first attributed to the city of Mobile where we first smelled it... haha). Siri quickly helped me investigate the cause, which was reported as a bad battery. So, we spent the first day of our vacation in a Sam's Club, where they added water to the battery and told us it was fine.

Until it happened again on the way home.

So, back to Sam's we went to replace the battery where the tech gave us the same song and dance as the guy in Florida.

So... we took it to Honda, explained the issues, and asked that they check the alternator.

The next day, Honda called to tell us that they were certain it was a battery issue, prompting us to return to Sam's AGAIN and demand a new battery.

On the way out of the parking lot, though, the lights started coming on again.

Yesterday, we took him back to Honda, and this time, they told us it was the alternator, which was going to cost us $630, including labor, to replace.

"It's pretty labor-intensive," the lady told me on the phone.

I about had a heart attack. Our insurance payment is due this month, too, and I'm already stressed about how we're going to pay that. This announcement had me on the verge of tears.

Until my amazingly skilled boyfriend said he'd take a look at it. We brought the car home, and he spent a couple hours tinkering with it in the driveway.

And then...


He was able to get the old alternator out. Yay!


We found a replacement alternator at an auto store for just $139, including all the parts and taxes.

6 hours later, Bullet is running better than ever. Which is great for my pocket book but does nothing to help the fact that I still want a new car!

But seriously, how lucky am I to have a man in my life who can save me $500 in one day?!

I love this man!

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