May 2, 2013

Currently May

It's May 1st, which means I'm linking up with Farley's currently again.

Listening - The Jodi Arias trial is wrapping up this week, and I am glued to the closing arguments. During our careers unit, I started talking about this trial with some of my students (who were interested in law careers), and I now have several students who also tune in daily to HLN to hear the latest news. Of course, we have to talk about it every day, and I secretly LOVE it! My kiddos are also anxiously awaiting the George Zimmerman case to start when this is over because they've decided that Trayvon Martin is the Emmett Till case of their generation. OMG I love my students!

Loving - My beautifully tanned skin (now that my burn has healed and the peeling is finished) from our vaca in Florida. I miss the beach!

Thinking - 11 more days until school is over. Thank the good Lord! Of course, I'm going to miss my 8th graders, but I am also so relieved to have summer break right around the corner. Each day is becoming more of a challenge as the students suffer from 8th grade-itis. One day at a a time...

Wanting - A personal chef. Figuring out what to eat for each meal is mentally exhausting for me, especially when I'm trying to avoid carbs... so many easy options are out. I have this problem, which I have inherited from my mother, where when I'm not hungry, I'm not thinking about what I want for dinner. And then once I'm hungry, I want to eat NOW, not wait to cook something. Joel is awesome about cooking whatever I tell him, but that doesn't relieve me of having to plan something (or the grocery shopping). I just want someone else to do it all for me. :)

Needing - It seems like I'm hemorrhaging money these days. Car problems, registration renewal, doctor bills, my twice-yearly insurance payment. And now that Saturday school is over, I don't have that extra money on my paychecks. Maybe I should just get rid of my car! haha

Summer Bucket List - 1. Visiting friends and family in Chicago. OMG I am so excited for this I can't even stand it! I'm ready to snuggle some babies, laugh with friends, hang out with our families. It's going to be splendid! 2. I need to figure out a plan for next year. Are we staying or going? What will I be teaching? How do I want to teach it? 3. The public pool actually opens this weekend, and I can't wait. I think I was born to be in the water. I just love it. And I love the bronzed glow it gives me! :)


  1. 11 days! Gosh you're lucky. We still have over 30!!
    easy peasy education

  2. If I had a personal chef I'd be the happiest girl ever!! We have 35 days left wahhh.

    I'm your newest follower, drop by if you'd like.

    Just Wild About Teaching

  3. Oh wow - only 11 days!

    I LOVE the idea of researching careers and focusing on current events and careers.

    If you find a good personal chef, send her my way :)

    Joy in the Journey

  4. My 8th graders seems to be a little checked out too ... except we're going until June 26th! I'm so jealous you only have 11 days. Sounds like you have a great summer lined up, enjoy!

    The Organized Señorita

  5. Relaxing this summer and getting organized for my new first grade classroom is my goal. I am definitely jealous that you only have 11 days left!

    Found your blog through Currently and I am your newest follower. Check my blog out over at

    If You Give a Teacher a Treat