May 15, 2013

Where Have You Been?

My students took their final exam for ELA today, which was really just my end-of-unit test for Emmett Till. I'm super excited to report that only one student failed my 60-question test. ONE!


After school today, I was talking to our music teacher at our end-of-year staff party. She mentioned that she administered the test to one of our small groups and literally had the following conversation with one of my students this morning:

So, you know how I had OSS (Out of School Suspension) last week?


Well, I don't think I can take this test.

Why not? I know you were given work to do while you were gone.

Because I don't know this stuff. Was Emmett Till black?


I mean, if that doesn't want to make you pound your head against a wall, I'm not sure what will. We started this unit two and a half weeks ago. And while this student was suspended for part of the unit, I can personally attest to the fact that he read part of the book aloud to my inclusion teacher in the hallway. In fact, I remember three days in a row where this happened because they were the three days I was ready to kill him*, so we put him in the hallway so I could avoid a mental breakdown.

He read the book ALOUD, you guys. She talked to him about it. They filled out an organizer about it.


This student is SO lucky he doesn't come to my class tomorrow, or he would be getting an ear full.

*I just want to throw out the disclaimer that I would never, ever harm any of my students... I only say this so you understand my frustration level.  Also, I think it's kinda funny that I feel the need to add this disclaimer. But some people are crazy!

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