May 26, 2013

Where I've Been and a Reminder

I've had this nagging feeling for the past few days that something was missing, and I finally figured out what it is... you guys!

[Insert hugs to all my bloggy friends here!]

I'm normally pretty attached to my laptop, but since leaving Louisiana on Thursday, we've been SO busy catching up with friends and family, that this is honestly the first time I've even pulled it out of my bag. I'm excited to finally catch up on all your posts and re-join the blogging world.

We got in at 1:45 AM Friday morning to two very excited dogs doing this happy butt dance. You know, when their tales wag so furiously that the whole back half of their bodies wiggles along with it. That's the thing I love about dogs, they're never apathetic about your arrival, whether you've been gone for an hour or a year.

It's incredible how delicious an Italian beef tastes when you haven't been to a Portillo's in six months. Hello, foodgasm!

And we've already had great pizza (and I don't even mean Chicago-style) AND a trip to Sweet Tomato for their salad bar... both things we couldn't find in the South.

I finally crashed last night with a terrible double migraine after days of being on Cloud 9. I think we're going to relax at home today and enjoy some steaks on the grill courtesy of my father.

It feels SO good to be home!

Before I go, I wanted to throw out a quick reminder that today is the LAST DAY for my End-of-Year Reflections Linky Party for those that were still wanting to link up.

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