June 8, 2013

Thanks for the Memories

I honestly couldn't tell you the last time I've been THIS tired for so many consecutive days. 

We drove through the night, literally leaving Chicago at 8:30 PM Tuesday. At least I think it was Tuesday... This week is kinda hazy.

My legs and feet are throbbing.

My right knee may need a replacement.

My back was sore BEFORE crashing on the floor at 2:30 AM.

And poor Joel and Michael stayed up even later getting the last big pieces tucked into the box truck. I think Joel finally crawled into our makeshift bed at 4:15.

He's still snoring beside me as I type this. 

Today, we say goodbye to Baton Rouge. The place we had our first (and second) home together. The place we learned to fully depend on each other, physically and emotionally. It's where we embraced the addictions of plastic parade beads and Raising Cane's chicken. It's the place we tried crawfish for the first (and last) time. 

It's where I learned the realities about the struggles of urban students across the country, both in and out on the classroom. Where I gained new perspective on teaching without unions and merit-based pay (both things I thought I'd like until I experienced them myself). It's the city that showed me that there ARE parents who will support you when you call home with a behavior concern instead of turning the blame on you. It renewed my faith in building lasting relationships with my students because that IS how you really reach them. 

Today, we head out on what will probably be a 16 hour drive back to Chi town.

Where we will then unload the box truck.

But first, maybe a little more sleep...

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