July 12, 2013

Field Trip Friday Linky Party

I am super excited to introduce my new series called Field Trip Friday and hope you will participate in this fun linky party. I was thinking about all the fun things I've been doing this summer that are not necessarily school-related (although those would definitely be appropriate as well). After all, we all have lives outside of the classroom too, right? (At least I hope so! haha)

The purpose of this linky is to share your pictures and stories from at least one "Field Trip" from the past week. Maybe you visited the water park with your children, saw a concert, had some "me" time at the spa, or hung out with friends at the local pub. Whatever it is you did, this is the place to share it!

**Note: This is a great way for my non-teacher readers to participate in the fun as well!

My Field Trip for the week was a trip to the Morton Arboretum. Despite the fact that I've lived in this state nearly my whole life (of course, with the exception of this past year in Louisiana) and it's only about 20 minutes away, I've never before visited the Arboretum. And honestly, I never really had the desire. But when my dear friend Carolyn asked Joel and I to join her and her son, Ryan, I couldn't say no. 

The best thing about this field trip was that it was 100% free! We pulled in at 4:30 on Wednesday, which just happens to be the time that the park becomes free. I swear this was pure luck - we had no idea they had this deal on Wednesdays, but it was a very welcome surprise. 

Joel was such a trooper, helping Ryan climb all over the jungle gym in the children's area, and we all had a great time running around in the shrub maze. There's something about watching a man play with a child that just melts my heart... I swear I fell in love all over again!

OK, folks! It's your turn to share your field trips...

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