August 22, 2013

Please Share Your Advice!


You guys are always so good about offering advice... and I need to ask for some more.

As you know, I have not been able to find a teaching position since moving back to Illinois this summer. Of course, I'm super happy to be with family and friends again, but this has been a HUGE disappointment. 

Earlier this week, a friend of mine (who works in a district where I subbed prior to moving to Louisiana) recommended me to her administration when they asked if anyone knew anyone who might be interested in a teacher's aide position. I just got off the phone with the AP, and he already told me I'm more than qualified for the position... so it's basically a question of whether or not I want it.

And here's where I need help. Cuz I'm not sure if I do.

I've made a little Pro/Con list to help you know what I'm considering:

  • Steady employment = knowing what to expect on a paycheck
  • I like the school & staff at the school
  • Insurance benefits
  • Administration will know my name and skills
  • Not being able to take any long-term subbing or teaching opportunities 
  • Really bad pay 
  • 30-40 minute commute
The alternative, at this point, is that I will (hopefully) be added to the sub list. Obviously, subbing isn't consistent work, but the daily rate is higher than an aide (except no benefits). Long-term subs get paid VERY well in this district, and they're the group that's chosen to fill available positions. BUT... in the two years I worked there, I wasn't able to get hired for any of those positions and only did day-to-day subbing. 



  1. Yikes! I would say take the aide position, because admin will get to know you and recommend you for openings. But, I tend to go with safety net every time, and that is not always a good thing.

  2. That's a really tough choice.

    Since the school year is kicking off, I would probably take the aide position. It has benefits, steady pay, and if it's a district you're interested in teaching in (which it sounds like it is), then you get your foot in the door and they know you. At the end of the school year, you could start looking for teaching jobs again, in that district or others, but it would be a position for at least this year.

    Good luck with whatever you decide!

  3. I would say go with the aide position. You will have a foot in the door. I have learned that a foot in the door and a little less is better than more and inconsistencies.

  4. If you've already spent time in this district, and didn't get hired for full time employment, I would go elsewhere. Don't waste your time with them.