September 2, 2013

Currently September

I know I'm late again... somehow, the first of the month always seems to escape me. Good thing Farley doesn't cut off her linky at midnight! I might not get to meet more fabulous education bloggers!

Listening- It shouldn't be a surprise that I'm watching any episode of The Real Housewives. The whole series is probably the best and worst thing that has ever happened to television!

Loving - Two days off in a row with my boo! We used to be together ALL THE TIME, and I've missed him since he went back to work, especially with all the overtime he's been working. It was so nice to have two days together to hang out with family, relax together, and get ready for the upcoming week. I'm really blessed to have a partner I genuinely enjoy spending time with.

Thinking - I'm still feeling really good about my decision to take the TA position. Everyone who knew I was deliberating has been very supportive of my choice, which definitely gives me more confidence.

Wanting - My toes are needing a little love before sandal season is over around here. I must admit, I will miss the year-round flip-flop season down South.

Needing - Joel and I spent a couple hours at our storage garage today trying to get more of our "stuff" that we know we'll need now that we're staying with my parents longer. I managed to get the rest of the clothes that used to hang in my closet, but since we got home, I've managed to make a list of other items I forgot about and will eventually need. Boots and scarves are kinda necessary in Chicago winters.

Things That Make My Heart Happy -

  1. I am obsessed with DD iced coffee and love the $1 happy hour deal. I have to be careful not to allow myself this treat too often. 
  2. Singing in my car... it's my favorite. I don't care if you're watching.
  3. Comments from my readers. They make my heart smile. For real! :)


  1. Another car singer here too! I also love DD coffee! Enjoy your pedicure; I'd love another one.

  2. I am a car singer as well...and I totally enjoyed the weekend with my man. It's nice to be able to lay low!

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  3. YAY!!! I'm follower 100!!! Congrats!!!

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  4. I just got my toes done for the start of school. It was a much needed thing! Singing in the car is a great stress releif for me!

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