September 25, 2013

Flash Freebie: Protagonist, Antagonist, & Foil Character Sort

I know it's not Tuesday, but I tried something new today and can't wait to share it. I've just added my first for-sale product to my TPT store! I've been wanting to start selling, as opposed to giving everything away for a while now, but I honestly have been so overwhelmed at the thought of competing with all of the wonderful sellers out there.

So, I'm starting small... this product is an activity I made for my students last year to check for understanding of the literary terms protagonist, antagonist, and foil. It includes 27 characters names from popular shows/movies/books for your students to sort into the correct categories.

I've also suggested three ways to implement this activity into your classroom:

Option A: Interactive NotebooksHave your students cut out the character names on the “Character Sort” sheet provided. Have them glue the title row into their Interactive Notebooks, and then give them time to sort the characters into the correct categories. The sorting sheet is a perfect fit for a composition notebook.

Option B: Find Your PartnersDistribute one character to each student in your class and ask them to find the other characters from their stories. Once together, they should determine who fits each role and be prepared to defend their rationale to the class.

Option C: Group/Partner Sort Have students work together to sort the characters into the correct categories. This can be a race against other groups or a center activity depending on what best meets the needs of your students. 

I honestly never thought to share this until the ESL teacher (who helps out in our classroom two days a week) remarked, "This is an awesome activity!" today... and I thought I might actually have something worth sharing! :)

And since I haven't yet figured out how to upload a preview that won't give away all my hard work, I'm going to do something even better...

I will give a copy to anyone who does the following by 11:59 PM CST:
1. Follow my blog!
2. Follow my TPT store!
3. Leave me a comment letting me know that you've done both items above so i can respond with the attachment!


  1. Yay! I am still previewing my first for sale item. Big step, and yay you!

  2. I've been following your blog for a while now (love it!) and I just started following your TPT store. This sounds like a great actiivity!

  3. AWESOME!! This sounds like my kind of activity. I love taking the literature out of literature and applying it to other situations like this!

  4. I've been following you for awhile and you seem like an awesome teacher. I just started following your TPT page.

  5. Congratulations on the first "for sale" product!
    I follow your blog and your TPT store.


  6. Aww man! I can't believe I missed it! Congratulations on starting your TpT store. I am definitely following!