September 24, 2013

Holy Cuteness!

My sixth graders begin each day by answering a prompt in their writing journals. This year, our ELA block consists of 11 ESL and 5 SPED students (two of whom are at a functional level). When they have a hard time, as they often do, coming up with ideas on their own, my teaching partner and I will provide them with our own examples to get them thinking.

As I was circulating the room today, I came across this gem from one of our ESL kiddos. It made my heart smile, and I immediately took this photo to forward to my parents:

Both of my parents appreciated it, and my dad asked what kind of "meat" he was. And can I just say that I LOVE the phonetic attempt at spelling my complicated German name! I also love that this journal shows how they all call me "Mrs." despite the numerous times I've told them, "My mom doesn't work here!" They crack me up!

My students are the BEST part of my job!

Because I'm with the same group for the majority of the day (anywhere from four to seven periods) as a teaching assistant, I have been able to develop great relationships with my students. We're at a point now that they often prefer my help over their classroom teachers simply because they're more comfortable with me. And there are a few of them who like to "fight" over me - each claiming, "She's MY teacher!"

I may not be the classroom teacher, but my students love me just the same! :)


  1. haha, yes I get called "mrs" too. Trouble is there is a Mrs Taylor at my school too, so it gets altogether too confusing for everyone!

  2. I get "Mr. Rosenthal". I keep telling my students that's my husband. They laugh when I correct them. Too cute!!