October 16, 2013

Experiential Learning with a Flash Freebie

I am a huge proponent of experiential learning because I think it's the best way for students to gather information and retain it.

When my students read The Cay, we did a partner activity that required students to be blindfolded while completing a series of tasks, intended to give them the experience of navigating the unknown without the ability to see.

Currently, we've been studying ancient Egypt in social studies and students, of course, were very interested in the mummification process. Today, the students had a half-day, which meant we took advantage of a flex schedule by mummifying a chicken we named Pharaoh Cluck.

I already blogged about the Hunters & Gatherers activity we did a few weeks ago.

A couple years ago, when I taught American History, I created this handout of "Six New School Rules" for our school. Each rule is written carefully to parallel one of the laws bestowed upon the colonists with the intention of helping them understand the anger behind "No Taxation Without Representation" and, ultimately, the Revolutionary War. It makes for a great journal assignment and lead to a great discussion with my eighth graders. It's is FREE in my TPT store until tomorrow, so snatch it up while you can (and please leave me some love)!

These are just a few ideas off the top of my head, but I wanted to stress the importance of making the learning an experience for your students. It's the difference between watching a lab and physically doing one yourself. Of course, we all know we'd rather do it. And I firmly believe we can offer these experiences in language arts, social studies, and math classes as well!

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