October 6, 2013

Gizmo is NOT Pleased

Today started out as the perfect fall day.

I enjoyed a hot cup of tea in my sweats as Joel worked on installing his new DVD player/backup camera on his truck. The cool, crisp morning weather is a welcome change from the hot and humid we've been experiencing.

On a shopping excursion with my mama yesterday, we got this adorable Bears jersey for Gizmo to wear. Unfortunately, they didn't have one big enough for Wrigley, but he'd be adorable in it too.

I have a delicious chili simmering in the crock pot, making the whole house smell soooo yummy.

Everything is in place. We were all set for a glorious day of football while snuggled on the couch (my favorite place to be).

But then...

that awful game happened.

I don't even have words for it.

Even Gizmo is upset. He's sulking around the house, probably embarrassed that everyone now knows he cheers for the losing team. Doesn't he look peeved in that picture? It's disgusting, I tell you!

AND the Packers won. That's a double whammy for us Chicago fans.

My only consolation is that Erin is be giving away a freebie since her team killed mine.

Despite my football depression, I've been working hard on new products to add to my TPT store, so keep your eye out for some new stuff soon! I'll probably do a flash freebie to get some feedback from you guys.

1 comment:

  1. I agree....an AWFUL game. We are very sad in this household today, too! I live and teach in Wisconsin, but was born in Chicago and we are huge Bear's fans. Tomorrow I have to go to school and face my Packer-loving students. It will not be a good day. :(