October 3, 2013

Interactive Grammar Checks

Today I want to link up with my friend Erin for her Thursday Throw Down Party.

Being the creative-type, I will readily admit that teaching grammar is not my favorite activity in the ELA classroom.

Grammar comes with rules, and I come from a rebellious family that doesn't like to follow rules. Not that we're criminals... we just don't like to be told what to do.

In addition to having to follow the rules, teaching grammar means there's a lot of repetitive practice and grading of worksheets, which can also be really boring.

So I changed that.

Whenever we grade a grammar worksheet in my classroom, I like to make it interactive. It really takes no extra work on my part, but my students always appreciate it in the lesson.

Here's what I mean...

Working on capitalization? Have the whole class read each sentence aloud and STAND whenever a word should be capitalized.

Working on commas? Have the whole class read each sentence aloud and DRAW each comma in the air with their finger (bonus: add a little "swoosh" sound effect) as they used them.

Working on ending punctuation? Have students WALK around the room as they read their sentences and STOP for a period, JUMP for an exclamation, and TWIST for a question.

The possibilities are endless, but they all have this in common: all students are engaged, and you have the perfect opportunity to see who doesn't get something. If students are performing actions at the wrong time, it's much more obvious than if they're just marking it with a red pen. What a great way to check for understanding!


  1. I love this. I've had my kids walk to "edit" their papers...but not for a language assignment. Thanks for the tip! I will be doing this soon!

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  2. Awesome!! I have used different techniques like this to try to get my students to "feel" the rhythm of writing.. but this one is GREAT!
    :) Erin
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