October 2, 2013

Parts of Speech Review Game: Grammar Ninja

I haven't linked up with Jivey in forever, but as I was reading through some posts, I was reminded of this fun word game I found online forever ago and loved playing with my students:

Grammar Ninja

If you haven't heard of it, Grammar Ninja is an interactive Parts of Speech review game that is a great classroom activity! Whenever we had an extra ten minutes in class, my students would beg me to play this game.

Although this could be a great early-finisher activity for those with technology access in their classrooms, we always did this as a class. The game has an option for teachers to create their own sentences, but I always just used the ones that wee provided.

Here are my Grammar Ninja steps:

Project the game to your Interactive White Board.

Turn off the lights and instruct your students that they must be completely silent while waiting for their turn (ninjas are stealth, after all).
Have your students line up in the front of the classroom where they can still see the board.
One at a time, they will come to the board, read the sentence, and try to select ONE word (sometimes it will tell you there are 3 nouns in the sentence, but I only allow them to select one word per round).
If the student is correct, I encourage him/her to do his/her very best ninja trick (it's usually a high kick) and proceed to the back of the line for the next round.
Sample of a correct answer.
Sample of an incorrect answer. Notice that it tells you the actual POS of the word at the bottom.
If the student is incorrect, he/she must return to his/her seat and silently follow along in the game. You could instruct these students to play along by recording the answers on a sheet of paper to keep them engaged if necessary. 

We continue the game like this until we have only one ninja standing who then gets a small reward.



  1. This sounds like SOOOO much fun! Thanks for linking up!

  2. What a cute activity! I bet the students love it! I'm going to check it out!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  3. We LOVE Grammar Ninja! It's an awesome site :)

    Joy in the Journey