October 1, 2013

Teacher Tip Tuesday: Collaboration with Color

Today's Teacher Tip actually came from one of my current students and was a total why-didn't-I-think-of-that? moment!

Students were working on a venn diagram in social studies comparing the Assyrian and Chaldean empires today. They were instructed to use their textbook and guided notes from this week's reading to fill in the chart with as much information as possible. Then, we asked them to find a partner to share notes with.

One of our bright little bulbs suggested that anything they add to their venn diagrams should be in a new color so we can see what they did on their own compared to what they learned through collaboration.

Genius, right?

Obviously, as an ELA teacher, my student do this when they edit each other's work, but I've honestly never thought to have them do this with other activities. It makes complete sense though!

From now on, whenever we do a think-pair-share type activity, my students will be using different colored ink for each step. I can think of a million reasons why this will be helpful for students and me and am so thankful to my brilliant student for her suggestion!

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