November 3, 2013

My New Baby

I can't believe it's been more than a week since I last posted... and I'm even more shocked to admit that it's been a couple days since I've even read any of your lovely posts. This week has just been crazy, but have no fear... I'm back in action!

I promise I wasn't just anticipating off-the-wall behavior from my sixth graders when I took Halloween off from work. I came down with a cold Wednesday evening that hit me like a ton of bricks. I never take sick days but I knew I would be miserable when I woke up Thursday morning unable to swallow. I'm pleased to report that after an entire day sleeping in bed (Again... very unlike me. I slept until 3:08 waking only once to sip on some soup and hot tea.), my throat felt much better. Now, if I could just turn off the faucet in my sinuses (you should see my poor, raw nose) and accompanying cough that will likely linger for a few weeks. :-/

As if being sick on a holiday doesn't add enough excitement to a week, I also couldn't leave work on Wednesday because my battery was dead. A co-worker graciously offered to jump it for me to no avail (leaving me dreading a more expensive prognosis), but Joel managed to jump it with his truck. Thankfully, the battery was under warranty, so we were able to get it replaced right away. Unfortunately, this is a sign that there are some bigger, undetected problems that need fixing, and I just can't justify putting more money into that car.

So... after a decade of driving my Civic, I am very excited to be driving this beauty!

My new Jeep Compass!

I had never heard of a Compass before yesterday, but Joel and I both fell in love with it when we saw it at the dealership. I knew I wanted a small SUV, and this vehicle offered the best package (heated, leather seats; touch screen dashboard; bluetooth technology; etc.) for the price. She's a great fit for me!

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