December 21, 2013

Greek Agora

The sixth graders in my district study ancient civilizations in social studies, and we've just learned about Grecian and Roman Empires.

For the past week, the entire sixth grade had been busy crafting in preparation for our Greek Agora. Students made rainbow loom bracelets (of course), duct tape hair bows and bow ties, clay sculptures, beaded jewelry, keychains, t-shirts, flower pens, picture frames, bookmarks, and a myriad of paper products to sell in the market yesterday. Some groups chose to offer services like fortune telling, nail painting, face painting, and even a skee ball game made of cardboard. Each product/service was sold for Drachma during the Agora, and students took turns selling and shopping.

This made for a great pre-winter break activity because students were completely invested in creating their products. It was fun to see 300+ students packed into the cafeteria wearing togas and shopping (sometimes bartering) for items created by their peers. I'm pretty sure everyone wore a smile the whole morning!

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  1. FUN! I love when the students get to do something out of the norm. It's always a guarantee that they will remember that more than anything else.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'