December 27, 2013

Summary from the PISA Report on U.S. Education

Upworthy shared this video today, and it was really good to finally see some data that compares apples to apples in terms of education.

My takeaway? Contrary to popular belief, we ARE doing a great job as teachers despite the numerous obstacles in our way. Also, we, as a society, have to do more to combat poverty. The numbers don't lie!

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  1. I saw this video on a friends Facebook page this morning, and really enjoyed it. New Zealand slipped back in the rankings this year too, but unfortunately our government is starting to take the same view as yours, with the introduction of national standards, and the proposal of achievement based pay. I teach at a school that has the lowest socioeconomic standing, and work my butt off trying to get these kids a little bit closer to the standard. I hope that both our countries take a look at the video and take note.

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